Delivery Address


How we do Things


SNAKCITY is a technology company built to connect people and local business. We have designed a system that operates 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to. Our goal is to provide comfort and convenience with only a few clicks. With us there is no bad time of day to get delivery.

Hours of operation?

You are in luck. SNAKCITY operates 24 hours a day. Morning noon or night we can bring the food and drinks you like.

What can I get delivered through SNAKCITY?

SNAKCITY offers a wide variety of items. From alcohol to lottery or convenience store to restaurant, SNAKCITY delivers around the clock. Enter your address into the address bar and view what is near you

What are reward points?

This is a little something SNAKCITY offers to our guests. Upon every purchase we give you points. Reward points can be earned on every delivery and can be used for any food products.

How does SNAKCITY calculate delivery fees?

SNAKCITY calculates delivery costs on the time and distance. Prices increase he further the selection is from your location.

How can I check my order status with SNAKCITY?

Once an order has been placed with SNAKCITY all orders can be viewed in order details. Order details let you know when an order has been accepted, items have been picked up, and when the deliverer is on route to drop off.

Technical Problems

Website looks broken or abnormal?

We update the website constantly so you will need to delete your temporary files/cache. Then, please refresh your page.

Costs and Pricing

How much does an order cost from SNAKCITY?

Total are determined by the cost of the products, taxes, delivery fee, and a possible tip to the deliverer. Some selections made may result in an additional service.

How much do items cost?

Depending on the selection made some prices will be the same as in store while other selections may result in a higher price.

Are tips required?

Tips are not required. All tips are given to our deliverers. Any contributions given to help our deliverers are greatly appreciated.

Placing an Order

How do I order through SNAKCITY?

SNAKCITY has made it extremely easy and convenient to order. Enter your address, make your selection, choose your items, checkout and relax. We are on the way

Can I order from multiple locations?

Yes, you can! With each order comes another delivery fee. If you order from a restaurant and a liquor store two separate order fees would be charged.

Where can I check my order status?

We have added an order details section under your account options. Inside of order details you will be able to monitor acceptance, pickup and drop off of your order or orders

Is there a way to change or cancel my order?

You bet! SNAKCITY has a 24-hour online chat is available for a request. Please note that if a deliverer has accepted the order or a merchant has accepted the order it can no longer be cancelled.

What if my item is unavailable?

Not to worry, we got you covered. We have added an option inside of the order to choose what you would like to have done if an item is unavailable. Options include: Refund item, refund order, or contact me. All delivery and service fees are non-refundable upon acceptance.

Does a menu look incorrect?

Please advise SNAKCITY of the correction and every effort will be made to update as soon as possible.

Can I make special instructions or requests?

SNAKCITY has a special instructions box that can be filled out at checkout. Please include any mods like extra spicy, or no salt inside of the box. We also suggest adding if you are allergic to something or have certain dietary needs. You may also request napkins or plastic utensils here. Any extras requested inside of special instruction are not guaranteed such as extra broccoli to a stir fry or extra meat to a dish.

Do orders come with utensils or toiletries?

Although most restaurants will provide these items, wet wipes, napkins and eating tools can all be requested inside of the special instructions box

Is ID required?

Yes. ID is confirmed by our deliverers. When purchasing with credit card a deliverer will also request the card to match to the ID provided.

Can a deliverer refuse delivery?

Yes. If appropriate ID or credit card is not able to be produced for credit card orders or ID is not produced for interac or paypal orders.

How come there is a $20 dollar restocking fee?

A restocking fee occurs when a guest breaches any of the terms upon completion of delivery. This solely exclusive to alcohol and cigarettes

Reward Points and Payment

What are reward points and how do I use them?

SNAKCITY offers reward points on all orders as a special thank you for all guests. In checkout points can be allocated inside of the reward box. Enter the desired amount of points you would like used and watch the amount disappear off the total.

What methods of payment are offered?

Currently SNAKCITY offers 4 methods of payment. Cash, Interac online, Credit Card and Paypal. Our goal is to make it convenient to pay, the way you want to pay.

Why is my card being declined?

Please be sure to check which card is being used to pay. If a visa debit or visa mastercard is used, please select credit as a form of payment. No visa debits or mastercard debits may be used for interac online.

Why am I redirected when using Interac Online?

SNAKCITY is provided a login portal supplied by the banks. Please click the appropriate bank, log-in to your account and complete payment so the order may be placed.

Can I change my payment method?

Once an order has been placed the payment cannot be changed. The order will have to be cancelled and re-ordered to choose a new method of payment.

Can I use a different credit card?

Yes. Please make an all adjustments inside of your billing address. Please note currently we do not store any card information on our site. We only store the billing address attached to the card.

My Account

How do I start an account with SNAKCITY?

An account can be created by visiting and registering. We also offer and android APP which can also be used to start an account once downloaded.

How many accounts am I allowed?

We allow one account per person per number used to sign up

Comments or Recommendations

What if I have any comments or recommendations?

No problem, We’re available 24 hours. Click our chat link and let us know what’s on your mind

Can I recommend new restaurants?

Of course, we are always happy to hear our guests input. Click our chat link and let us know what you would like to see added and we will do our best to make that happen.